Saturday, May 2, 2009

Keeping an Eye on the Star

In the midst of the small-town bustle that is life in our mountain town of Thurman, I sometimes have to stop, take a deep breath and reorient myself. The busy-ness can be all-consuming, and, like a hiker forging a path through woods and around lakes, swamps and mountains, I have to stop and let my eyes linger on the bright stars that define the route to the desired end point.

One of the gleaming beacons was has always been my interactions with other writers, that shared energy I get from reading with them, discussing (and/or commiserating with them about) plot problems, voice, point of view and so on. This past Thursday was a wonderful day to get my bearings, as I met with a small writers' group that has been congregating around the southern Adirondacks for the past few months. Thanks for helping to point the way, friends!

Another bright spot this summer will be the Adirondack Mountain Writers' Retreat that I host in late August, when Irene Sherlock will lead a small group of writers in a four-day workshop at Beaver Meadow Lodge. I love the retreats--the energy they generate and the renewed focus I feel. Today seemed an appropriate time to mention it here, as one retreat registration is now being auctioned off at The price is very attractive this morning - $145. One day and fifteen hours remain before the end of the auction. If you are interested, it looks as though placing the winning bid could save you a good deal of money, but you shouldn't delay much longer. See details of the retreat at my site,, and see auction details at:

This chilly Adirondack morning I wish all my writer friends the chance to think about that which will renew their focus, refresh their energy and send them back on the trail toward their respective goals. I'll be sitting quietly by the woodstove with my laptop, doing just that. And perhaps I'll write, too....


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